Login hosting

Request Information
URL GET {{basepath}}/hosting/:hosting_id/login


Allows you to generate a login url.

NOTE: Please only generate these when you are actively redirecting a use to their hosting product. Requesting these to present to the user as a direct link will result in a lot api calls which is a waste of resources.

Returns a HostingLoginResponse object.

Url variables
:hosting_id{{hosting_id}}The hosting identifier

Example responses

Login hosting
Request Method & URL
GET {{basepath}}/hosting/:hosting_id/login
Url variables
:hosting_id{{hosting_id}}The hosting identifier
Response Code:
200 OK
Response Body:
    "responseId": "1_f095ec6db3c11eb842396444c8835a385a5396d9",
    "status": "ok",
    "message": "The login url is attached",
    "loginUrl": "https:\/\/pleskdev.yourdomainprovider.net:8443\/login?secret=secretgoeshere"