Update metadata

Request Information
URL POST {{basepath}}/hosting/:hosting_id/


Allows you to update the hosting object.

the request body should contain a HostingUpdateRequest object.

Returns a HostingGetResponse object.

Url variables
    "metadata": {
        "mdhostingid": "blorp"

Example responses

Trying to update package to the same package
Request Method & URL
PATCH {{basepath}}/hosting/:hosting_id
Request Body:
    "package": "basic2"
Url variables
:hosting_id{{hosting_id}}The hosting identifier
Response Code:
409 Conflict
Response Body:
    "responseId": "1_47b801880c83a83c22936089098df360d7fa336d",
    "status": "error",
    "errorCode": "would_not_change_anything",
    "errorMessage": "The hosting is already this package"